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I totally understand. I'm working at a Regis salon at below min wage. They say their commission is on a sliding scale but no matter what it sends to slide in their direction. I'm 20k in debt for choosing this career and am paid like a drop out of high school. Now they're threatening to take money out of our tips if our drawer is short. I want to scream at myself for choosing this career. I made... Read more

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i worked for regis and it was my first real salon job and my manager was mean ans bullied me so much it got to where i was scared to go to work..She kept threatening my job and then one day she threatened me again and i said *** it!!! i worked so hard in cosmo and barber school to get a job where i was treated like ***,always threanted and made no money...sometimes i only made 4.00 in tips for 6... Read more

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I recently discovered that if you give your stylist a tip on a credit card it comes out of their pay. Totally unfair and doubtfully legal. I love my stylist and she loves her job. Everyone give your tip in cash, always Add comment

Do NOT!!! have your hair touched by the salon in Sears Mall Anchorage Alaska. They do not have experienced color stylists. I spent 3 hours in the chair only to have orange hair and requested a refund which they do not do. I had no choice but to spend another 3 hours in the chair only to waste $200.00 and go home and buy my usual $10.00 on Loreal and cover it up. Thought I found a shop that knew... Read more

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I can't believe that the BEST HAIR STYLIS & MANAGER that Regis in Bel Air ever had is no longer working for your company. Denise Singelton your new regional manger treated her rude & with no respect that an employee with so many years @ your company desired. You can believe I will not be a customer of Regis which I have been for 25 years. I know I am only one of many customers that Regis has,... Read more

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Julie rhymes is an ***. Do not work for her. Lol her rules are disgusting and she just needs to retire or do something with her life. She is rude and selfish and expects you to know it all. I may not be as old as her but I know more than her because anything that comes out of her mouth is irrelevant. That salon would be so much better if she wasn't there. Such a shame Add comment

My complaint is against the manager at regis hair salon in reno nv at me down wood mall.her name is Keleca.she always calls in sick on the weekends a d leaves young hair dressers alone to work by there dressers are made to work while they are sick she is a very poor manager no girl should ever be left alone especially at night. Read more

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I had a horrible experience when I went to a Walmart salon (owned by Regis). To begin with the Rep argued with me bc I didn't want her to wash my hair. It's my choice after I told her no the first time that should have been the end of it. I told her I wanted the ends of my hair trimmed and then to thin it. I know have layers in my hair. My hair was all one length and I worked very hard to achieve... Read more

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I went there it was twice as much as i was quoted my hair wasnt done good and when i called to talk to the manager she was on vacation and said her staff should have done something and i could have 25percent next time i come!!!!!!! Add comment

Had a bad hair day today. I gave the hairdresser a picture of the style and the way I wanted my haircut OMG what a mess!!!!!!!i cannot do a thing with my hair,,,,, I never ever had a hairdresser use thinning shears on my hair, we I did today, yet my hair being thin to begin with and using the thinning shears. Made my hair worse. Not know I was a hair dresser years ago, that cosmetologist needs... Read more

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